Gravity 1020 Modern Tavern

Gravity 1020, a Modern Tavern

Finally, a place for beer and food lovers alike to create, share and savor!  Gravity 1020, a Modern Tavern inside The Fort Collins Brewery brings an innovative, hand-crafted, and modern approach to comfort food classics.  In the spirit of The Fort Collins Brewery and their philosophy of creating only the most distinctive and finely crafted beer, Gravity 1020 extends the same ideals of innovativeness and creativity to the food we serve.

Gravity 1020’s kitchen is specifically designed to cook to order.  We do not have a walk-in freezer, steam table or microwaves, ensuring that not a single bit of food is made until it is ordered. This means higher quality and better tasting ingredients sourced locally as much as possible. We work with several farms in the area and Colorado based businesses to help support our  local economy.

Although Gravity 1020 is located inside a brewery, our delicious FCB beer is not the only libation we serve.  We understand our guests have a variety of preferences and are pleased to offer a comprehensive wine list and full bar to accommodate a wide range of tastes.  Whether it’s a crisp Colorado Riesling, one of our infused vodka martinis, or a growler of beer to-go, we have what your thirsty for.

Gravity 1020, a Modern Tavern and The Fort Collins Brewery aspires to be the magnet that pulls people together in celebration of local pride and sense of community.  We at Gravity 1020 can’t wait to pour you a pint and serve you a taste of Colorado!


-Tom and Jan


Photo Credit: Fort Collins Photo Works


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