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We had the pleasure of eating and drinking at your establishment tonight. Wow! We have been on cross-country road trip in our RV and eat out twice a week generally and have been in many many brewpubs in the US. The food we had from top to bottom here was hands-down the winner! The menu was inventive and seasonal and regional…The trout was excellent Unique things like duck wings that I swear my husband would have sold us for ( he ate sauce with a spoon when wings were gone) and bacon wrapped pretzels that were perfect balance and such a treat.The service was warm and friendly ( unlike another brewpub in town that had good beer but bad service and lousy food) And we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and will brag and blog the pics at our website next week. Thank you!!!Love love love this brew pub!!!!

— Rusher Family

 Enjoying Pints
 Food I seriously loved the root beer! The fish fry was super crispy. Loved it.

— Mia

Great place from the brewery to the bathrooms! Beautiful.

— Dan & Alice

The food was every bit eclectic as the vast selections of beer. We will be back!

— Danna & Jim

I wanted to share my great experience at Fort Collins Brewing last Tuesday (8/14). Like most people I probably don’t spend enough time providing feedback when I have a great experience as I should, but I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to let you all know how many things you are doing so well.I was in town from Texas with my wife and while she was away on a business lunch I decided to pop in to Gravity 1020 for lunch. The food and beers were excellent. Easily some of the best of both I have had in a long time. The service was also tremendous. I was served by Alyssa, who was very knowledgeable about the beers and completely on top of everything. She provided some of the best service I have ever had, anywhere. I later brought my wife back and we sampled some great beers in the taproom, where we also received excellent service. After telling her how great my experience was in the restaurant, we moved over to try some other beers and grab an appetizer.Again, all delicious and more great service. Although we went to several other breweries while we were in Colorado our time at FCB stood out as the best. Whatever you all are doing there to maintain such high standards, please keep it up.

— Adam Kielich

Here on our 10 year anniversary with my amazing wife Landee. Perfect meal, perfect beer, perfect day! Thanks to FCB and Gravity 1020 for an amazing lunch dat.

–The Laviolette’s

Wonderful meal and brews. Sweet 21t birthday daughter and Chef created a special dessert and hand-delivered it. Awesome. Love this place and will be back.

— Dr. Liz

In one word – Amazing! Thank you.

— The D’Amicos

I visited your brewery this past Saturday. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed my visit. Beyond the quality of the beer, the friendliness of your staff was very welcoming, and made my group feel very comfortable. I forgot names but the guy who did the tours and the bartenders were really good. I’m from Portland and I haven’t had a better tour from a guy who seemed to enjoy his work and beer. I just wanted to let you know your staff is doing a great job, and I can’t wait to visit your brewery again.

— Michael Johnson

I don’t know how much your cooks get paid, but they need a raise. I’ve never had food this good. The steak was the best I’ve ever had – no contest. Austin was an amazing server. Thank you!

— D. Johnston

Best restaurant in town! Glad to support you and tell everyone we know about the amazing food and service.

— The Strathman’s

Wow! Very impressed with food, service and ambiance! See you again soon.

— L & R Hilloway

Event Reviews:

THANK YOU for another AMAZING evening with Fort Collins Brewery. A GREAT time was had by all – the menu was DELICIOUS! We could not even hear each other over all the conversation – the room was buzzing and animated. It was nice to have the chef come and introduce each course. Gina and Katie did a great job. The courses were served and cleared in a timely manner with a “how can I help you attitude”.

— Jane Shaw, Colorado State University

I wanted to thank you and the staff for all the care taken yesterday in helping to make our faculty retreat go smoothly. I am sorry that I don’t remember our hostess’ name but she did a fantastic job of keeping glasses filled and making sure people had what they needed. Thanks again.

— Barb Ball, Colorado State University

Everything went great! Food was great, service, and drinks…Thank you! Austin was awesome, even gave us some ideas for the Taste that we may be able to implement next year. We will for sure be back and I passed out a few of your cards to the board for events in the future here or MAYBE INSIDE the brewery.

— Shauna Gray, Front Range Event Rental

Thank you so very much for helping make our 30 year reunion SOOO fun and memorable. You are a delight to work with and the brewery is a perfect venue. Best of luck to both of you. If I ever have the opportunity to plan another event, I will not hesitate to contact you again.

–Kelley Hinz

I wanted to get in touch with you to thank you for the great job everyone did for Lance and Rebecca’s wedding on July 29th. Everyone had a great time and the food was delicious. The wait staff was very helpful and friendly. I hope to work with you all again in the future and feel free to keep me in mind for any events you may need help with.

— Marie Haas, Lavender Rose Weddings



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